School Events


Dear school event planner,

Quick Start Productions is a young, motivated and exciting family team that wants your event to absolutely rock! We completely respect any issues you might have with certain music and we will always stick to your guidelines. We only play radio edits and clean versions of songs, and after that… if it still sounds implicit we just don’t play it! We are very in tune with all the new music coming out, as well as the songs that will always get the younger crowds screaming with excitement! We don’t just play music; we create a club atmosphere which will give the room an amazing feel.

We create an environment where everyone can be themselves and just have fun together as a class, playing all the fun line and themed dances. We can always work with any ideas you have planned, and also give you our ideas on fun games and contests that have worked very well in the past. We love to get everyone involved in our performance by making announcements, and getting them singing back to a lot of the songs. Their energy will be elevated and their hearts pumping, they will have a great night to remember.

We make the process very easy: 1st We book your date and fill out a simple contract to secure the date, and to protect both parties. 2nd We will go over any ideas you might have for the dance and what you will expect from us. 3rd Come up with an absolutely do not play list! 4th We make the night something to remember!

We don’t do packages, we don’t believe in them! You are paying for entertainment…entertainment with all the options included, we will bring everything we have to your dance, and it doesn’t cost a penny more, we want your dance to be amazing and you shouldn’t have to pay extra for it!

It is very hard to choose the right DJ with so many ads out there; you really need someone who knows what’s going on in music entertainment for people of all ages. We do our homework in all aspects of this; we truly love music and love to entertain. We really want everyone to have a great time! So we will do everything we can to make sure of it.