Dear Bride & Groom to be,

The three brothers of Quick Start Productions…Brian, Jim and John, would love to make your wedding the most perfect night that you could dream of… We are true professionals but are completely down to earth and have so much fun DJing for families. At our own parties we are always the life of the party, trying to get everyone involved and making the night so much more fun, then anyone had expected it to be. This is why we love music so much, it brings everyone together – dancing, singing, and laughing. Without music there would be no energy! no excitement! then you add lights and you have an atmosphere.

We create an atmosphere where everyone can be themselves and just have fun, where it could be very classy, romantic and then just crazy fun for the entire family but without being tacky. We don’t try to embarrass anyone, We are not in your face and annoying and always making random announcements, we do not try to be the center of attention! This is your wedding! and the most important part should be about you and how much fun everyone is having. We cater to everyone, because you want everyone at your wedding to have a great time. We will always make sure that everything that night goes perfectly, we spend so much time beforehand getting every detail down.

We make the process very easy: 1st we book your date and fill out a simple contract to secure the date, and to protect both parties. 2nd we give you a book of our music and some easy fill out forms for the important details for your special day. 3rd we sit down as many times needed and go over every detail and how the night will flow. After that we have a great time at your wedding! Whatever your expectations are, we will exceed them, we really want to make a lasting impression on you and your family.

We don’t do packages, we don’t believe in them! You are not leasing a car with different options with us, you are paying for entertainment…entertainment with all the options included, we will bring everything we have to your wedding and it doesn’t cost a penny more, we want your wedding to be amazing and you shouldn’t have to pay extra for it!

It is very hard to choose the right DJ with so many ads out there, DJing is a passion for us and we don’t just do it to pay bills. We are not salesmen! We just really love music and love to entertain. We are genuinely happy to be apart of your family for the night and hope to be at many more celebrations with you in the future. We hope that everything goes great with your planning! Congrats!